Moment: An Innovative bar in the heart of Athens

An innovative idea in the center of Athens came to make the change. A roof bar specially made for you who want to meet new people, make your evenings spicier, but also to arrange your business meetings. The combination of the view and the cocktails, make every moment magical and the flirting more special. The new meeting point of Athens, came to remind you of the charm of flirting, the beauty of making new acquaintances, as well as helping you increasing your social circle. At the same time, you will get more convenient in the communication with new people and comfortable being yourself.

We are waiting for you for the most unforgettable and unexpected moments!

See you there!

Welcome at Moment Roof Bar

A new and special roof bar, on the roof of one of the most modern hotels in the center of Athens, will make you lose your mind with the incredible view, the intense vibes, the approachable staff and the delightful selection of cocktails. The Moment Roof Bar harmonizes the enchanting view of Athens and the modern aesthetics of the city center, with careful music selections and signature cocktails.

We are waiting for you for the most unforgettable and disruptive moments!

See you there!

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Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 17:00 – 12:00

Monday: closed